Orion Tsang
Orion Tsang
First appearance Sin & Punishment: Star Successor
Appears in Star Successor
Sex Male
Homeworld Earth 5
Relations Ariana Shami (Associate)
Armon Ritter (Associate)
Commander Deko (CO)
Hibaru Yaju (Associate)
Race Human
Alignment(s) Creators/Nebulox
"Orion Tsang may not look like much, but as a Nebulox combat specialist, he excels in agility and a mastery of devastating projectiles."
Sin and Punishment official website

Orion Tsang (known in the Japanese version as Cheng Long Lee) is a character and a boss from Sin & Punishment: Star Successor. He is the first member of the Nebulox encountered, and he specializes in machines and projectiles.

Orion Tsang
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Game Star Successor
Stage(s) Urban Ruins
Health 500
Alignment Nebulox
Orion Tsang
Final Orion
Game Star Successor
Stage(s) Coalescence
Health 1500
Alignment Nebulox

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